Video - 1000 Engine Rally 2010 - 1904 New Holland 1 1/2hp

Videa New Holland Agriculture 1000 Engine Rally 2010 - 1904 New Holland 1 1/2hp

1000 Engine Rally 2010 - 1904 New Holland 1 1/2hp

In 1895 Abraham Zimmerman founded a machine shop in New Holland, Pennsylvania. Zimmerman carried out repair work until later he started to produce his own small feed mills, wood saws and other items. He then became a dealer for the Columbus Gas Engine which he converted to run on petrol and sold with his mills. In 1903 Zimmerman's machine shop became recognised as New Holland Machine Company, he started to produce his own stationary engines to complement his other farm machinery which featured Feed Mills, Rock Crushers, Elevators and other items. This engine has serial number: 576 and was built in 1904. The engine has several patents which Zimmerman filed in 1903 which covered the low tension igniter and hopper design to prevent frost damage. The engine is equipped with a wizard friction drive magneto and is mounted on an original New Holland No.11 Truck. Zimmerman began producing Feed Mills in 1897. This No.6 Mill was introduced in 1909 and was very similar in design to the earlier versions. It is named the No.6 mill as it has 6inch plates and this is the smallest mill ever produced by New Holland. New Holland continued to produce similar farm equipment until 1925 when it went on to produce larger more complex equipment. This was displayed at Astle Park 1000 Engine Rally 2010.

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