Video - "Amsterdam - another Disneyland?" Tavini's photos around Amsterdam, Netherlands

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"Amsterdam - another Disneyland?" Tavini's photos around Amsterdam, Netherlands

A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Amsterdam, Netherlands by TravelPod blogger Tavini titled "Amsterdam - another Disneyland?" Tavini's travel blog entry: "I'm taking advantage of the free internet here at the hotel to write a longer entry. After spending a few days in the Dutch countryside, where any conservative American lamenting the loss of the god old-fashioned values would feel right at home, Amsterdam can come as a bit of a shock. The city itself has preserved very well the downtown core which dates from the 17th century, where beautiful, stately merchant houses and the concentric c****s are weaved together in a harmonious ensemble which is very pleasant to the eye. Of course, that's not what Amsterdam is most famous for these days, and that is evident in the hordes of young tourists, mostly American, who wander its streets in a haze, muttering: "Whoa man, this is soooo cool!". The main attractions of Amsterdam these days are its liberal attitudes. Coffeeshops (as opposed to the more normal cafes), where marijuana and hashish are sold, are as numerous as pubs, and that's saying a lot for a country known for its beer. The red light district is situated right next to Amsterdam's main square and church. Some may think that all this can combine to make Amsterdam a decadent city, and possibly a dangerous one at that, but that is not the impression which we have got. Amsterdam can best be described as a social experiment, which seems to work very well ...

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