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Empire State of Mind [Remake] New Holland State of Mind | MOBOVISION

First of all Id like to shout out to my man techwg providing the awesome instrumental track in the background....check him out at: Thanx bro! Now this song is about a little town outside of Lancaster City, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. YOu might have heard of most likely haven't...but now you have! Perfomed, directed and edited by: Matt Besson aka MO-BO Featuring: Landy Besson Main Camera work by: Radely Brisma Music Mastered by: techwg NEW HOLLAND STATE OF MIND lyrics by: Matthew Beson Im outta that East Earl Now Im down on Jackson Rollin. Through borough Holland boy forever Passing by dem Amish Not much that you can miss Yea I aint clean or crisp In this town amid All of this farmland Surrounding your land Gotcha wondering Whens the smell gonna end New developments Growing like settlements People moving in Like hotel residents There aint no night life We sleep before twilight A train passes by Once in a while at midnight Waking up old people With its blasting whistle Stopping all the traffic But there aint no traffic We got a shopping center And 3 gas stations Plus 2 dollar stores So theres no wasting And 1 Main street You never heard of dis town where I live So heres your chance cuz In NEW HOLLAND Farming town with cows, crops and buggies Theres nothing left to do Youre in NEW HOLLAND In these streets you wont see much people That might not inspire you This is New Holland Holland, New Holland Buggies slowing traffic There aint nothing ...

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