Video - Firkin Fest 2010 - very short clip.

Videa New Holland Tier 4i Solutions Firkin Fest 2010 - very short clip.

Firkin Fest 2010 - very short clip.

Happy Gnome, St. Paul, MN. March 20, 2010. Tons of great beers. Photo set: Some of these were just a sip, others were split samples, and some were the full 4 oz samples. It was hard to take notes this year. They did not provide a program so I just scribbled notes on the back of the beer list. In order of tasting: - New Belgium "Shadow of the Foerder" - all right, a mildly sour 1554 (said to be 1/3 La Folie and 2/3 1554 Black ale). - Dark Horse Plead the 5th - so nice. - Bells Expedition Stout - kinda harsh. Bitter, roast astringency. - Surly Darkness - really good. Smooth, strong and mellow (lower carbonation). - Brau Brothers Eslihas Old Ale - don't like. - Two Brothers Cane and Ebel - red rye tasting. nice. - Harviestoun Ola Dubh 40 year old - smells noticeably like Scotch. pretty unique. Taste is nice too. Whisky flavors, somewhat sweet, warming. Fine. - Tyranena Benji's Smoked Imperial Chipotle Porter - nice chipotle flavor but could be more viscous and malty. - Goose Island Citra IPA - smells great. nice taste. clean, balanced, good stuff. - Founders Red's Rye double hopped - hmm smells good. Taste is different than bottle. Not as clearn. Other earthy sweaty tastes. - Avery Maharaja - catty! so potent. wow. no way I could drink a 22 [unlike Dreadnaught which I easily drank a 22 the next night]. - Lift Bridge Farmgirl Honey ginger girl - very nice. drinkable and unique. - Summit Winter (Ahtanum) - super drinkable. really nice. - Dark Horse Double ...

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