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Videa New Holland Front Loaders Fumetsu Tractors - Front End Loader Demo

Fumetsu Tractors - Front End Loader Demo Front End Loader Demonstration The tractor used in this demonstration is a Fumetsu 30HP 4WD. SPECIFICATIONS Fumetsu Tractors - 30 HP Diesel, 4WD - 1.6L, 30 HP Diesel Engine, Fuel Injected, Vertical Bore, 3 Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Water Cooled - Power: 30 HP / 22 KW @ 2350 RPM - Top Nominal Speed: 29 Km/h - Transmission: 8 speed ShuttleShift™ gearbox with 2 speed reverse - Hydraulic Power Steering - Hydraulics: Multi-valve 4 way remote hydraulics (5x single acting, 2x dual acting multi-valve) - Electrical: 12 volt, (includes horn, headlamps, turn signals and rear implement light, combined instrument panel)

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