Video - HiDef: Amtrak and Norfolk Southern on the Keystone Corridor

Videa New Holland Graders HiDef: Amtrak and Norfolk Southern on the Keystone Corridor

HiDef: Amtrak and Norfolk Southern on the Keystone Corridor

To kick off July, and with nothing going on along the NS Harrisburg Line on July 1, 2010, I decided to take a trip to Amtrak Keystone Corridor in the beautiful Lancaster Countryside. There were even some Norfolk Southern bonuses, as well as Strasburg! We visit all 3 grade crossings on the Keystone Corridor as well as some new locations from the previous video. Upon arrival to Newcomers Road in Mt. Joy, I missed the first eastbound Amtrak, train 642, after making a wrong turn and getting stuck behind slow drivers. 607 wasn't too far off so I figured I'd just recline in the car when all of a sudden the gates went down! I was really confused, stumbled out of the car and plopped the camera down, unfortunately I was on the backlit side of the tracks, but to my surprise, there was an eastbound NS local! I do apologize, it's not that great of a shot. H2J - Mt. Joy (Newcomers Road) NS GP38-2 5673 The rest of the day pretty much continues with the normal Amtrak runs until later in the day with a visit to Strasburg, and finishing off with an NS local. There was typical railfan luck, including getting cloud smucked and wind terrorized, but overall it was a fantastic outing. This was the first visit to both crossings in Mt. Joy, as well as a shot at Gordonville and Gap, and I was surprised to find the PRR position lights were removed from Irishtown, they also put an E-Bell on the south crossbuck, which this crossing had previously had no audio warning devices. 607 - Mt. Joy ...

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