Video - How to Lift Heavy Stuff with your 3PH

Videa New Holland Front Loaders How to Lift Heavy Stuff with your 3PH

How to Lift Heavy Stuff with your 3PH

I stumbled onto this idea one day when I had a bunch of very large rocks to move. I moved most of them with my FEL but I could barely get them off the ground. Some of them were too heavy to lift with the FEL. I remembered that the 3PH was much stronger than the FEL. I stared at the iMatch hooked up to my 3PH and tried to decide where to weld on some hooks. That is when I noticed that the iMatch already had 3 very strong hooks on it. I dropped my Bush Hog and backed up to the stone. I draped the center of chain over the lower hooks and sawed the ends of the chain under the sides of the rock. Then I draped the one end of the chain over the top hook and coupled the other end to it. Using this technique I can pick up rocks and logs that are much too heavy to pick up with the FEL.

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