Video - JCB shows 3000 serie

Videa New Holland Tier 4i Solutions JCB shows 3000 serie

JCB shows 3000 serie

The priority for any tractor is maximum productivity and the JCB Fastrac 3230 XTRA takes that to new levels. JCB's unique full suspension system provides superlative comfort, traction, comfort, ride and safety, right up to a 80 kph top speed. The new sculpted chassis gives improved manoeuvrability and allows 34" wheels to be fitted as standard, improving traction still further. The productive Stage 3b / Tier 4i Sisu engine provides plenty of power (195hp / 145kW) and torque (960Nm) for all your field operations, while the Headland Turn Assist and GPS autosteer allow maximum automation and accuracy. The JCB 3230 XTRA's P-TRONIC transmission can be manually controlled with the joystick or automated via cruise control settings so it always runs at the optimum level, giving maximum output for minimum input. KW: jcb traction tier 4 engine power hp kw pk koppel xtra p-tronic 3000 3230 fastrac mph trekkerweb landbouwfilmpjes trekkers trekker tractor ath2012 agrotechniek holland lftw traktor new agrio uitgeverij video epic humor fun lol fail


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