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Joe and Sofia drama p2

Joe: its going to be okay *kissing her forehead* Sofia: am sorry Joe am so sorry Fran: Hello is there any one here Joe: up here Fran: Okay we are coming walking in to the bath room Fran: Hi am Fran and that is Gregg can you tell us what happened sweet heart Sofia: I had a really bad pain in my stomach and then I was bleeding Fran: Okay lets take a look at you Sofia: Have I lost the baby Joe *shocked* Baby Sofia: am sorry Joe Joe: Your pregnant but you said Sofi your having a *shocked and starting to wheeze a bit* Gregg: are you alright there mate Sofia: am so sorry Joe I didn't *sobbing* Fran: Okay try and stay calm Sofi for me Gregg: right sweet heart we need to get you up and on to the chair so we need to get you up is that alright Sofia nods Fran: Okay on one two here we go they lift Sofia up and on to the chair they strap her in so that she doesn't fall out Gregg: are you coming with us Joe: Ermm *in a daze* Yeah course Sofia: Joe please don't leave me Joe: Am not going any where in the ambulance Joe is still in shock his breathing has become more loud and labored but he hadn't even noticed Fran: are you alright *looking at Joe* Joe: errr Yeah *wheezing* Fran: You don't sound it have you got your meds with you Joe: for what Fran: your asthma I know the signs Joe: oh no am alright *still not realizing* Joe wheezing has become even louder Fran: Joe I need you to take deep breathes for me Joe: What am fine * feeling his chest suddenly get tighter* oh *taking a puff of ...

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