Video - Ken Blaenwern At The Grass 2012 HD

Videa New Holland Telehandlers Ken Blaenwern At The Grass 2012 HD

Ken Blaenwern At The Grass 2012 HD

Here we can see the Tufton team chopping grass in Hendre Cross, Pembrokeshire. I counted 5 TM's hauling Smyth trailers and I believe they have a 434 on the pit. Blowing the grass is a Claas Jaguar Speedstar. They boys are flat out probably due to the murky weather, but they are renowned to be speed hooligans. Many of you may have seen this crew before, also known as the 'crunch bunch' (find them on youtube). Also sighted is a John Deere 6920 with a New Holland big square baler, that thing is massive on the road! A Jcb telehandler loads a local haulier with straw. The kit is owned by a farm up the road called Trenewydd. Sorry for the shaky filming but these clips were a spontaneous find whilst out on a bike ride. Enjoy!

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