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Krone Ultima: non-stop persen

Krone - Ultima Deze Ultima is 's werelds eerste non-stop perswikkelcombinatie die rondebalen perst zonder dat de chauffeur hoeft te stoppen voor netbinding en het uitwerpen van de baal. De reden van het non- stop persen is de voorperskamer. De verhoging van de capaciteit zorgt voor verlaging van de kosten. Representing a breakthrough in round baler technology, Krone Ultima is the first baler wrapper that works fully automatically and non-stop. This means the combination keeps moving during the baling and unloading cycles. The breakthrough innovation has earned Krone a DLG Gold Medal, which it will be awarded at Agritechnica. Field trials have shown that Ultima achieves up to 50 percent higher work rates. This is how the machine works: The crop collects inside the feed chamber while net wrapping is in progress. The feed chamber has one feed belt at the top and one at the bottom. The variable form of the feed chamber means it also serves as a pre-compression chamber. Pre-compression chamber, semi-variable baling chamber and tractor implement management system combine to provide swift working and high bale densities. Another new feature is the higher ground clearance of the baling chamber, which allows the bale to drop right on the wrapping table -- another detail that speeds up the bale-wrap cycle. This quantum leap in round baler technology was achieved by Krone combining a number of individual innovations, such as the semi-variable fixed chamber, which was awarded a DLG ...


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