Video - Maize 2011 - DanyRheol start at Plas.

Videa New Holland Forage Harvesters Maize 2011 - DanyRheol start at Plas.

Maize 2011 - DanyRheol start at Plas.

John Deere 7950 takes on a chunk of maize away from the farm - with 40 acres later a bit nearer. Not a nice day - if you see gaps in the story, it's where it started raining and I put my camera away for a few minutes! Yes, and please forgive a few spots of rain on the lens - it doesn't help your viewing. After I had gone home the sun emerged, of course! Tractors are various - the mighty (new) Case cvx Puma 210 and John Deere 6930s plus New Holland. BTW - these guys do B&B so when you're on your way Grassland '12 you might want to overnight in Carmarthenshire on a real working farm?

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