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Massey Ferguson GC Series Sub-Compact Tractors

Only Massey Ferguson could build a sub-compact with the heart and soul of a full-size tractor. 0% Financing for 6 Years w 0 Down expires 9/30/10 The new GC2400 and GC2600 series bring a whole new level to the current sub-compacts offered by the industry in all-around function, comfort, style, convenience and versatility. Now with even more power, the new GC2600 and GC2610 TLB are available at 25 HP. Yet, the GC Series compact size and versatile handling make them ideal for hobby farmers, landscapers, homeowners and residential sub-contractors. Whats more, with the GC2410 and GC2610 TLB, the front-end loader, backhoe and mower can be mounted at the same time, so you can dig, load and mow with one machine. Call Abele Tractor at 518-438-4444 or stop in today for more on the GC Series sub-compact tractors.

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