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Videa New Holland Agriculture New Holland Agriculture -- DuraTank 3400S Manure Spreader

New Holland Agriculture -- DuraTank 3400S Manure Spreader

The brand new DuraTank 3400S from New Holland Agriculture is a side discharge manure spreader and features 31 product improvements. It features the new offset 60-40 tandem axle, which provides that the front tire only carries 40% of the load. The new DuraTank models feature easy-access greasing points, automatic oil lubricated chains and active transport lining, which is a standard feature on all New Holland box spreaders and tank spreaders. The segmented auger flighting chops up long-stem bedded materials for easier release. DuraTank models feature right-hand side delivery, allowing easier and more precise control of the manure distribution. The DuraTank 3400S allows users to better measure their manure nutrients, improve their yields, and help reduce their dependence on expensive chemical fertilizers. All DuraTank models are available with the optional Digi-Star NT 460 Nutrient Tracker scale system. This system uses GPS technology combined with weigh cells to provide accurate weighing of material as it is distributed out of the machine. The advanced system allows the operator to control the flow of material, track the amount of material distributed, and generate maps of the location of spread manure. With a history of innovation in agricultural equipment, New Holland has been serving the needs of farmers and ranchers across North America for more than 110 years. New Holland manufactures a wide range of equipment, including a full line of tractors; hay and forage ...

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