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New Holland Baling

This video has been uploaded on my other channel and has had lots of positive feedback, so i thought i would share it with those who havent yet seen it. Really just to say im here, finished my GCSE's and planning to buy some more 1:32 models, so should bring you some more model videos. Furthermore, i have applied to some farms around here for work experience, one of which is 10 minutes away and was a finalist in the 2011 farmers weekly awards, so im hoping to get some work experience either there or on one of the other two farms, so a possibility for more hd videos such as this. If you enjoy this kind of thing head over to "Farmtrackproductions" or tell me if you would prefer me to upload it on here. If you would like to see a particular model video (eg. mowing) then feel free to comment. Thankyou for not unsubscribing, i have been focused on my other channel, however im thinking i should just upload everything on here? I have put music over this video, but other videos such as this i have not put music over on my other channel, but i will probably upload them on here sometime. Thanks for reading. JJ PS Follow me on twitter if you so wish @Tractorman1996


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