Video - New Holland H5430 12' Pull-Type Merger

Videa New Holland Forage Harvesters New Holland H5430 12' Pull-Type Merger

New Holland H5430 12' Pull-Type Merger

New Holland has come with a new approach to the haying market. The New Holland H5430 Pull-Type Merger helps to move windrows for those who are the in heavy haying market. The H5430 has a 12' pick up width and helps to keep the rocks out of your windrows, which saves on the knives of the forage harvester close at the mergers heels. The merger also comes with a selection of merging widths which will move up to 18' of windrowed crop. Also, the merger doubles as an inverter. Simple swap the quick disconnecting hydraulic hook ups and the 42" conveyor goes the opposite direction. Install the inverter shield and you have an instantaneous inverter.

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