Video - New Holland Header Adapter - Grinding earlage

Videa New Holland Forage Harvesters New Holland Header Adapter - Grinding earlage

New Holland Header Adapter - Grinding earlage This video shows Kooima Company's first test of our New Holland header adapter. This adapter allows a New Holland 98C, John Deere, or Case-IH (3000 series) corn header to be fitted to a New Holland forage harvester (FR or FX series), for the purpose of grinding earlage. This adapter features a hydraulically-driven feed roll, allowing the operator to adjust the adapter feed wheel speed independent of the header speed. This gives greater flexibility for changing field conditions. This adapter also optimizes the angle of the header, letting the header sit flat and low to the ground. To learn more about this adapter, please visit, or call 800-522-8874. Patent Pending.

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