Video - New Holland TJ480 4x4 Articulated 4WD Tractor

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New Holland TJ480 4x4 Articulated 4WD Tractor

This tractor steers by bending the middle section with a powerful hydraulic system. The front and rear of the tractor can twist and rotate independently to accommodate uneven ground. The bending drive shaft that transfers power from the engine at the front to the rear wheel is an amazing piece of engineering. The tractor can bend like 45 degree to achieve a relatively small turn radius. While making tight turns, the two sets of wheels come very close to each other and there is no clearance for any person there. The operator told me that the tractor can bend while it is stationary if the engine is left running. So if the driver unintentionally grabs the steering wheel for support while climbing in and out of the cabin, the accidental steering can easily crush anyone standing between the wheels. In fact, we saw a rusty crush mark where the front and rear section touched each other. The ride for the driver is quite smooth. The driver seat is hovering on some kind of bouncy shock absorbers. The passenger on the other hand got tossed around like a dice in there.

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