Video - Piano crash in the National Theater, London

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Piano crash in the National Theater, London

Acoustic Graffiti Performances Oleg Lapidus, the "Pianocrasher," plays the piano in public areas where it is NOT allowed to. Come and guess for how long he will stay at the piano before security stops him. At the beginning he will crash music instruments at small places, but later he will start crashing them at major concerts of the famous piano players. Just before the show starts the "Pianocrasher" will come up on stage and crash the piano for the joy of the audience! Oleg is the creator of a new type of the performing arts - "acoustic graffiti." While a classic graffiti is a painting on a prohibited surface, the "acoustic graffiti" is a music performance in a prohibited place at a prohibited time. More info: Music lessons in central London with Oleg Lapidus - http Music web cam lessons with Oleg Lapidus - Online music lessons with Oleg Lapidus - http Impromptu performance stopped by security, in National Theater, London. Oleg professionally teaches clarinet, piano, sax, flute in London, UK. To arrange a private lesson please contact: olapidu at yahoo dot com 079 8465 2608 If you are not in London Web Cam lessons available on Skype. Oleg's Skype name is Iii8iiI More info about Oleg Lapidus's lessons is here

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