Videa New Holland Demolition PS LINCOLN CASTLE


Operated on London & North East Railway's Hull-New Holland ferry service on the Humber Estuary in England, commencing on 4th August 1941,one month after a delayed delivery from Scotland She had originally left the Clyde in October 1940, but rough seas damaged her and she put in at Tobermory, before returning for repair. She then lay at Craigendoran awaiting fine weather After railway mationalisation in 1948 she was owned by British Transport Commission then British Railways and finaly Sealink Similar to her quasi-sisters Tattershall and Wingfield Castle except for the boiler being forward (ie the boiler placed ahead of the engines in the hull) With her funnel forward of the paddle wheels her looks were more conventional than her sisters Enclosed wheelhouse and radar added in April 1948 Mainmast fitted in April 1954 Retained on the service after the withdrawal of her quasi-sisters, running alongside the paddle car ferry Farringford Withdrawn in Febraury 1978 with a defective boiler, having remained coal-fired to the end, the last such vessel of her type in the UK Opened as a pub at Hessle close to the Humber Bridge which had, since 1981, rendered the ferries obsolete Resold to Colin Johnson in 1986 and moved to Immingham for refurbishment in 1987 and boilers removed Opened as a bar and restaurant at the Heritage Centre at Alexandra Dock, Grimsby in 1989 Closed to the public since late 2006 for refurbishment, Due to serious deterioration and holing of some hull plates he ...

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