Video - Silage 2011 - NH 9050 Phil Beynon Team. (HD)

Videa New Holland Agricultural Tractors Silage 2011 - NH 9050 Phil Beynon Team. (HD)

Silage 2011 - NH 9050 Phil Beynon Team. (HD)

An interesting film this, as the team was just re-starting after a rain break. Then it started to rain again, stopped, and then harder. Eventually they called it off but not before I'd got some film - sun shining while it rains, for example. Meanwhile they spent the break mending the radio in the cab of the rake tractor. Then the forager driver got in to see what they'd done and it stopped again! Here we see the field in which they re-started and the next one. New Holland 9050 SP Forage Harvester and New Holland Tractors. Many thanks to Wyn for information.

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