Video - Six Tractor, Two-mile Pumping!

Videa New Holland Agricultural Tractors Six Tractor, Two-mile Pumping!

Six Tractor, Two-mile Pumping!

Whew! Just back from a monster ramble over georgeous countryside in lousy weather to see Richard Lewis team with their biggest ever pumping operation. Six tractors - you'll see them all - five Deeres and a New Holland. Follow that pipe - along the road, yes, through a gate, fine, but through a barb wire fence? Yes, somehow! Swamps, yuk, gorse, brambles - but we get there in the end - there's the 6530 with the "Slurry Kat" dribble bar. Stay tuned - the sun comes out later . . . . . .

Six, Tractor, Two-mile, Pumping, John, Deere, 6930, 7530, 6530, New, Holland, Ts, 135, slurry, manure, muk, yuk


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