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Swaraj Tractor AD Tamil

In the mid-sixties, with the Green Revolution triggering large-scale tractor usage, there was a need for the country to build sufficient indigenous capacity to meet this growing demand. In 1965, the Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI), Durgapur initiated design and development of Swaraj Tractor based on indigenous know how. That is how the idea for development of what was to become Swaraj was initiated. The first prototype was ready in May 1967 and by April 1970, field experience of over 1500 hours had been gained. At that point, it was decided to christen a name for the product -- signifying Indian, easy to pronounce and signifying power and grace. The name `Swaraj', was approved by the then Prime Minister, Mrs Indira Gandhi. In 1970, the Government of Punjab acquired the Swaraj tractor's design and established Punjab Tractors Limited (PTL). The tractors were produced and sold under the brand name of Swaraj. In 2007, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. acquired majority stake in PTL, and in Feb 2009, it was merged into M&M as the Swaraj Division of Mahindra & Mahindra.


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