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Tanco Bale Shear

The I70 Bale Shear is a radical, new method for feeding baled silage - an innovation in agricultural machinery from Tanco Autowrap. Finally, farmers have a complete system that delivers on safety, speed and reliability. No longer is there a need to cut plastic or net from a bale by hand. Stains and odours from baled silage are a thing of the past. The I70 Bale Shear grips the outside wrap whilst splitting a bale in half. It can slice hay, straw, and silage bales with ease, while retaining the net or plastic wrap. The system is ideal for feeding directly along feed passages or into diet feeders. Chopping the bale in half when loading into a diet or feeder wagon produces more efficient mixing and causes less wear and tear on the feeder. Since the automatic plastic grab and bale split requires just one standard hydraulic coupling, this bale shear is ideal for front loaders.

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